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28 events for 17 August:

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    237 Years Ago Today

    Thursday 17th of August 1786

    Folk hero, frontiersman, soldier and politician Davy David Crockett aka King of the Wild Frontier is born in Limestone, Tennessee, United States.

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    144 Years Ago Today

    Sunday 17th of August 1879

    Film producer Samuel Goldwyn aka Samuel Goldfish is born as Szmuel Gelbfisz in Warszawa, Województwo Mazowieckie, Poland.

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    130 Years Ago Today

    Thursday 17th of August 1893

    Actress, singer and sex symbol Mae Mary Jane West is born in Bushwick, New York, Brooklyn, New York, United States.

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    127 Years Ago Today

    Monday 17th of August 1896

    Bridget Driscoll becomes the United Kingdom's first automobile fatality when she steps in front of a car off Dolphin Terrace at the age of 45 in The Crystal Palace, London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

    At the coroner's inquest, driver Arthur James Edsall stated that he had been driving at only 4 mph and that when he saw Driscoll he rang his bell and shouted "Stand back!".

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    114 Years Ago Today

    Tuesday 17th of August 1909

    Assassin Madan Lal Shaheed Dhingra is executed by hanging by Henry Pierrepoint at the age of 26 in HM Prison Pentonville, Caledonian Road, London, Islington, Greater London, United Kingdom.

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    108 Years Ago Today He Was a Postcard Celebrity

    Tuesday 17th of August 1915

    Alleged child killer Leo Max Frank aka Max the Jew is lynched by a mob of prominent citizens calling themselves 'The Knights of Mary Fagan' at the age of 31 in Marietta, Georgia, United States.

    Several photographs were taken of the lynching, which were published and sold as postcards in local stores for 25 cents each, a common practice after lynchings, along with pieces of the rope, Frank's nightshirt, and branches from the tree.

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    107 Years Ago Today

    Thursday 17th of August 1916

    Artist Umberto Boccioni dies of multiple injuries at the age of 34 in Verona, Veneto, Italy.

    The day before Boccioni was thrown off his horse during a cavalry training and trampled.

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    99 Years Ago Today

    Sunday 17th of August 1924

    Inventor and murderer Jean-Pierre Vaquier is executed by hanging by Robert Baxter at the age of 45 in Wandsworth Prison, London, Wandsworth, Greater London, United Kingdom.

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    94 Years Ago Today

    Saturday 17th of August 1929

    United States Air Force pilot Francis Gary Powers known from the 1960 U-2 incident is born in Jenkins, Kentucky, United States.

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    90 Years Ago Today

    Thursday 17th of August 1933

    Revolutionary black activist Michael X aka Abdul Malik is born as Michael de Freitas in Port-of-Spain, Metropolitan Area, Trinidad.

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    80 Years Ago Today He Didn't Come in a Taxi

    Tuesday 17th of August 1943

    Actor Robert De Niro known from the movie Taxi Driver is born in Greenwich Village, New York, Manhattan, New York, United States.

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    68 Years Ago Today

    Wednesday 17th of August 1955

    Artist Fernand Joseph Henri Léger dies of unknown causes at the age of 74 in Gif-sur-Yvette, Île-de-France, France.

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    61 Years Ago Today

    Friday 17th of August 1962

    21-year-old Mass murderer Charles Joseph Whitman aka The Man on the Tower marries 19-year-old Kathleen Frances Leissner in Needville, Texas, United States.

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    61 Years Ago Today

    Friday 17th of August 1962

    Bricklayer and first victim of the Berlin Wall Border Guard Peter Fechter bleeds to death after being shot in the right hip by border guards 26-year-old Rolf Friedrich and 20-year-old Erich Schreiber at the age of 18 in Zimmerstraße, Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

    Fechter was left bleeding on the spot for over an hour in full view of western onlookers.

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    54 Years Ago Today

    Sunday 17th of August 1969

    Modernist architecture pioneer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe dies of esophageal cancer at the age of 83 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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    54 Years Ago Today

    Sunday 17th of August 1969

    Dentist Philip Blaiberg dies of a final rejection of his new heart at the age of 60 in Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa.

    Blaiberg was the man who lived longest with a transplanted heart.

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    52 Years Ago Today The Party Ended in the Boat Shed

    Tuesday 17th of August 1971

    17-year-old Ruben Willfard Watson is tortured and strangled by serial killer Dean Corll aka The Candyman in 6363 San Felipe Street, Houston, Texas, United States.

    Watson was persuaded by David Brooks to attend a party at an address Corll had moved to.

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    50 Years Ago Today His Penis Was Left Intact

    Friday 17th of August 1973

    8-year-old Steven Cropper is slashed dead by unidentified serial killer Charlie Chop-off in New York City, New York, United States.

    Cropper bled to death from an injury to his arm but his penis was left intact.

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    43 Years Ago Today

    Sunday 17th of August 1980

    Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain aka The Dingo Baby is possibly abducted and killed by a dingo at the age of 0 in Barbecue Area, Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia.

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    38 Years Ago Today

    Saturday 17th of August 1985

    66-year-old Peter Pan is shot dead by serial killer Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker in Lake Merced, San Francisco, California, United States.

    Ramirez then beat and sexually assaulted 62-year-old Barbara Pan before he shot her in the head and left her for dead.

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    36 Years Ago Today

    Monday 17th of August 1987

    Nazi leader and Stellvertreter des Führers Rudolf Walter Richard Hess commits suicide by asphyxiation at the age of 93 in Kriegsverbrechergefängnis, Berlin, Spandau, Berlin, Germany.

    Hess took an extension cord from one of the lamps, strung it over a window latch and hanged himself. A short note to his family thanking them for all they had done was found in his pocket.

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    32 Years Ago Today

    Saturday 17th of August 1991

    Mass murderer Wade Frankum aka The Strathfield Killer commits suicide by a shot in the head at the age of 33 in Strathfield Plaza, Sydney, Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia.

    Apparently without provocation Frankum pulled a large knife from an army surplus duffel bag and repeatedly stabbed one of two teenage girls who were sitting behind him in a café called The Coffee Pot. Leaving the knife in the body of the girl Frankum pulled a Chinese-made SKS semi-automatic rifle out of his duffel and shot around the café, killing several more people. Frankum then shot the café's owner dead and fled into the main area of the mall where he killed his last victim. When closed in by the police Frankum knelt on the ground next to his car and committed suicide. Frankum killed seven people: 15-year-old Roberta Armstrong, 51-year-old Robertson Kan Hock Voon, 37-year-old Patricia Rowe, 47-year-old Carole Dickinson, 61-year-old Joyce Nixon, 17-year-old Rachell Milburn and 51-year-old George Mavris.

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    26 Years Ago Today He Was Dangling for Real

    Sunday 17th of August 1997

    Actor Anthony Wheeler accidently hangs himself in a stage prop at the age of 26 in Sani Beach Sani Resort, Chalkidiki, Macedonia, Greece.

    More than 600 spectators, including young children, were left shocked and distressed when they saw the body of Wheeler dangling from a prop rope at the open-air performance of the Greek production of Jesus Christ Superstar in the scene where Judas takes his own life.

  • 21 Years Ago Today The Eyes had it

    Saturday 17th of August 2002

    A lonely break during a party on our rooftop terrace in Oudstrijdersstraat 35, Antwerpen, Borgerhout, Antwerpen, Belgium.

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    20 Years Ago Today The King of Spades Was Played

    Sunday 17th of August 2003

    62-year-old Military commander and chief of the Iraqi Intelligence Service Ali Hassan al-Majid aka Chemical Ali is arrested by American forces in Basra, Basra Governorate, Iraq.

    al-Majid had been listed as the fifth most-wanted man in Iraq, shown as the King of Spades in the deck of most-wanted Iraqi playing cards.

  • 20 Years Ago Today The Eyes had it

    Sunday 17th of August 2003

    Season's greetings with a picture of the shattered windows after 28-year-old al-Qaeda suicide bomber Asmar Latin Sani detonated a Toyota Kijang car bomb outside the lobby of the Marriott on 5 August 2003, killing twelve people and injuring 150 in Marriott Hotel, Jakarta, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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    17 Years Ago Today They Kicked the Tires and Lit the Fire

    Thursday 17th of August 2006

    Rapist and murderer Richard Hinojosa is executed by lethal injection at the age of 45 in Huntsville Prison, 815 12th Street, Huntsville, Texas, United States.

    After Hinojosa finished his statement he told the warden "Kick the tires and light the fire. I'm going home to see my son and my mom."

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    9 Years Ago Today

    Sunday 17th of August 2014

    298 die in Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Boeing 777-200ER crash in Hrabove, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.

    The plane was shot down pro-Russian rebels with a Buk surface-to-air missile during the Donbass insurgency.

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