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In Heaven Everything is Fine
Serial killer
Peter William Sutcliffe
aka The Yorkshire Ripper

  • 2 June 1946 (+) is born in Bingley, United Kingdom.

  • 14 February 1967 (x) meets his future wife Sonia Szurma in Bradford, United Kingdom.

  • 29 September 1969 (x) is arrested in the garden of a house for ‘going equipped for theft’ in Bradford, United Kingdom.

  • 10 August 1974 (x) marries 24-year-old Sonia Szurma in Bradford, United Kingdom.

  • 5 July 1975 (x) attacked Anna Rogulskyj in Keighley, United Kingdom.

  • 15 August 1975 (x) hit on the head and back with a hammer Olive Smelt in Halifax, United Kingdom.

  • 30 October 1975 (-) beaten and stabbed to death Wilma McCann in Leeds, United Kingdom.

  • 26 June 1977 (-) hammered and stabbed to death Jayne MacDonald in Leeds, United Kingdom.

  • 26 September 1977 (x) and his wife Sonia Szurma move into their new house in Heaton, United Kingdom.

  • 1 October 1977 (-) hammered and stabbed to death Jean Jordan in Manchester, United Kingdom.

  • 31 January 1978 (-) hammered and stabbed to death Elena Rytka in Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

  • 6 September 1979 (x) mails his ‘Streetcleaner’-poem to the Star newspaper in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

  • 5 November 1980 (x) attacked Teresa Sykes in Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

  • 17 November 1980 (-) stabbed to death Jacqueline Hill in Leeds, United Kingdom.

  • 2 January 1981 (x) is arrested with prostitute Olivia Reivers in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

  • 5 May 1981 (x) Start of the trial against Sutcliffe in London, United Kingdom.

  • 22 May 1981 (x) is convicted to life imprisonment for killing 13 women in London, United Kingdom.

  • 10 January 1983 (x) is attacked with a broken coffee-jar by 35-year-old murderer Jimmy Costello in the F2 Hospital wing in Parkhurst, United Kingdom.

  • 23 February 1996 (x) Convicted robber Paul Wilson tries to strangle Sutcliffe with the flex of a headphone in Crowthorne, United Kingdom.

  • 22 December 2007 (x) is stabbed in the face by fellow inmate Patrick Sureda with a metal cutlery knife while shouting "You fucking raping, murdering bastard, I'll blind your fucking other one" in Crowthorne, United Kingdom.

  • 16 July 2010 (x) A High Court decides that Sutcliffe will never be released during his lifetime in Crowthorne, United Kingdom.

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