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Doctor and serial killer
Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot
aka The Triangular Chamber of Death Murderer

  • 17 January 1897 (+) is born in Auxerre, France.

  • 20 May 1917 (x) has his left foot ripped open by a German hand-grenade during a bitter fight in Aisne, France.

  • 24 March 1919 (x) is discharged from the army and released from a hospital in Rennes, France.

  • 4 July 1919 (x) is discharged from the army in Paris, France.

  • 15 December 1921 (x) graduates from the university as a doctor of medicine with the tract ‘Contributions to the study of Acute Progressive Paralysis’ in Paris, France.

  • 25 July 1926 (x) is elected as mayor in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, France.

  • 4 June 1927 (x) marries 23-year-old Georgette Valentine Lablais in Seignelay, France.

  • 29 January 1930 (x) is sentenced to 3 months imprisonment and fined 200,- Francs for attempted fraud in Sens, France.

  • 4 April 1936 (x) is caught in flagrante delicto stealing a book in Paris, France.

  • 23 May 1941 (x) buys a property from Marie-Sidonie Desmit, wife of Joseph Marie Rodolphe, Prince of Colloredo Mannsfield in Paris, France.

  • 2 January 1942 (-) murdered Joachim Guschinow in Paris, France.

  • 22 March 1942 (-) murdered Jean-Marc Van Bever in Paris, France.

  • 25 March 1942 (-) presumably murdered Marthe Khait in Paris, France.

  • 7 May 1942 (x) An unidentified male headless body is fished out of the Seine and presumed to be the first victim of Petiot in Saint-Ouen, France.

  • 26 May 1942 (x) is sentenced to one year on probabtion and fined 10.000 Francs for prescribing heroin to drug addicts Jean-Marc Van Bever and Jeannette Gaul in Paris, France.

  • 5 June 1942 (-) murdered Denise Hotin in Paris, France.

  • 20 June 1942 (-) murdered Paul Braunberger in Paris, France.

  • 16 July 1942 (-) murdered Kurt Kneller in Paris, France.

  • 17 July 1942 (-) presumably murdered Greta Kneller in Paris, France.

  • 8 August 1942 (x) The bodies of the Kneller family, victims of Petiot are found floating in the Seine in Asnières-sur-Seine, France.

  • 21 May 1943 (x) is arrested by the French Gestapo, suspected of leading an escape-route for jews under the alias of 'Dr. Eugène' in Paris, France.

  • 13 January 1944 (x) is released from prison by the French Gestapo in Fresnes, France.

  • 11 March 1944 (x) Discovery of human remains from at least 20 bodies in the basement of Petiot in Paris, France.

  • 2 November 1944 (x) is arrested, posing as Captain Henri Valéry, a hero for the resistance in Paris, France.

  • 18 March 1946 (x) Start of the trial against Petiot in Paris, France.

  • 4 April 1946 (x) is sentenced to death in Paris, France.

  • 25 May 1946 (-) is executed by the Guillotine in Paris, France.

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