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Out in the Real World
Mathematician and serial bomber
Theodore John 'Ted' Kaczynski
aka The Unabomber

  • 22 May 1942 (+) is born in Evergreen Park, United States.

  • 25 May 1978 (x) leaves Bomb #1 in the parking lot in Chicago, United States.

  • 9 May 1979 (x) Graduate student John Harris is injured when he opens a box left by Kaczynski in Evanston, United States.

  • 15 November 1979 (x) mails Bomb #3 with a crude altimeter as a trigger to a non-existing address in Chicago, United States.

  • 10 June 1980 (x) mails a bomb to United Airlines president Percy Wood in Lake Forest, United States.

  • 8 October 1981 (x) leaves Bomb #5 in Salt Lake City, United States.

  • 5 May 1982 (x) Bomb #6 mailed to Professor Patrick Fisher by Kaczynski explodes when opened, injuring Fischer’s secretary Janet Smith in Nashville, United States.

  • 2 July 1982 (x) places a booby trap Bomb #7 in the facility lounge in Berkeley, United States.

  • 15 May 1985 (x) places Bomb #8, a spiral binder booby trap in Berkeley, United States.

  • 13 June 1985 (x) mails Bomb #9 to the Auburn Fabrication Division of the Boeing Company in Auburn, Washington in Oakland, United States.

  • 15 November 1985 (x) Professor of Psychology James McConnel is injured when opening Bomb #10 from Kaczynski in Ann Arbor, United States.

  • 11 December 1985 (-) killed in a bomb blast Hugh Scrutton in Sacramento, United States.

  • 20 February 1987 (x) places bomb #20, a booby trap disguised as a piece of lumber behind the CAAMS computer store in Salt Lake City, United States.

  • 18 June 1993 (x) mails Bomb #13 to Geneticist Charles Epstein of University of California, Sacramento, and Bomb #14 to Professor David Gelernter of Yale University, New Haven in Oakland, United States.

  • 22 June 1993 (x) mails bomb #13 to geneticist Charles Epstein in Tiburon, United States.

  • 24 June 1993 (x) mails bomb #14 to computer science professor David Gelernter in New Haven, United States.

  • 10 December 1994 (-) 50-year-old advertising executive Thomas Mosser is killed when opening Bomb #15 sent by Kaczynski in North Caldwell, United States.

  • 24 April 1995 (-) President of the timber industry lobbying group Gilbert Murray is killed opening a package-bomb from Kaczynski in Sacramento, United States.

  • 24 June 1995 (x) mails copies of his 'Industrial Society and its Future' manifesto to the New York Times, the Washington Post and Penthouse from his cabin in Lincoln, United States.

  • 28 June 1995 (x) mails letters to the New York Times and Washington Post in San Francisco, United States.

  • 3 April 1996 (x) is arrested in his forest cabin in Lincoln, United States.

  • 7 January 1998 (x) attempts to commit suicide by hanging in his prison cell in Sacramento, United States.

  • 4 May 1998 (x) is sentenced to four life sentences plus 30 years in Sacramento, United States.

  • 10 June 2023 (-) is found unresponsive in his cell in Butner, United States.

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