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The Three Stooges
Serial killer
Myra Hindley
aka The Moors Murderers (with Ian Brady)

  • 23 July 1942 (+) is born in Manchester, United Kingdom.

  • 6 November 1958 (x) takes her first communion and receives a white prayer book from uncle Bert and auntie Kath Maybury in Leeds, United Kingdom.

  • 4 February 1997 (x) is given notice that she will never leave prison during her life in London, United Kingdom.

  • 20 November 1997 (x) Interior minister Jack Straw decides to uphold the ruling made by his predecessor Michael Howard that Hindley would serve her life sentence or tariff in full and die in jail, in London, United Kingdom.

  • 18 December 1997 (x) is rushed to a hospital only hours after her appeal against having to spend the rest of her life in jail was turned down in Durham, United Kingdom.

  • 5 November 1998 (x) loses an appeal against the government's decision that she must spend the rest of her life in jail in London, United Kingdom.

  • 15 November 2002 (-) dies of bronchial pneumonia in Bury St. Edmunds, United Kingdom.

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