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Die Kleinen und die Bösen
Mass murderer
John Linley Frazier
aka The Killer Prophet

  • 20 January 1946 (+) is born in Cincinnati, United States.

  • 19 October 1970 (x) shoots 45-year-old ophthalmologist Victor Masashi Ohta, his 43-year-old wife Virginia, their two sons 11-year-old Taggart, 12-year-old Derek and 38-year-old secretary Dorothy Cadwallader and sets the house on fire in a delusional fit in Santa Cruz, United States.

  • 9 January 1971 (x) slashes open his arm and writes “Freedom from Pigs” on the wall of his cell in Santa Cruz, United States.

  • 15 December 1971 (x) is convicted to die in the Gas Chamber in Santa Cruz, United States.

  • 13 August 2009 (-) commits suicide hanging in his cell in Ione, United States.

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