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Highway to Hell
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Friday 9th of October 1970

50 years ago He Was an Agent of God

24-year-old mass murderer John Linley Frazier aka The Killer Prophet shoots 45-year-old ophthalmologist Victor Masashi Ohta, his 43-year-old wife Virginia, their two sons 11-year-old Taggart, 12-year-old Derek and 38-year-old secretary Dorothy Cadwallader and sets the house on fire in a delusional fit in 999 Rodeo Gulch Road, Santa Cruz, California, United States.

Frazier believed he was an agent of God. 18-year-old Taura Ohta and her 11-year-old sister Lark survived. Taura commited suicide by an overdose of pills and attempted to asphyxiate herself with carbon monoxide gas in her garage seven years later.