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Is it My Body? Someone I Might Be?
Foot fetishist and serial killer
Jerry Jerome Henry Brudos
aka The Lust Killer

  • 31 January 1939 (+) is born in Webster, United States.

  • 15 October 1959 (x) is discharged from the US Army because of his bizarre obsessions in Fort Gordon, United States.

  • 26 January 1968 (-) strangled Linda Slawson in Portland, United States.

  • 27 March 1969 (-) abducted, raped and strangled Karen Sprinker in Salem, United States.

  • 21 April 1969 (x)       Brudos attacked Sharon Wood in Portland, United States.

  • 23 April 1969 (-)       Brudos raped and strangled Linda Salee in Salem, United States.

  • 25 May 1969 (x) is arrested and questioned but released by the FBI in Corvallis, United States.

  • 3 June 1969 (x) The house of Brudos is searched in Salem, United States.

  • 27 Juni 1969 (x) pleads guilty to 3 charges of first degree murder and is sentenced to 3 consecutive life-sentences in Salem, United States.

  • 7 August 1969 (x) Darcie, the wife of Brudos is charged with first degree murder as an accomplice of her husband in Salem, United States.

  • 13 August 1969 (x) has a bucket of water slammed into his head by an unidentified fellow-inmate in Salem, United States.

  • 1 January 1971 (x) is treated for rectal bleeding in Salem, United States.

  • 28 March 2006 (-) dies of liver cancer in Salem, United States.

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