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Is it My Body? Someone I Might Be?
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Tuesday 9th of November 1965

55 years ago He Was Their Little Light

Anti-war protester Roger Allen LaPorte commits suicide by self-immolation at the age of 22 in United Nations Building, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States.

LaPorte composed himself in the position of the Buddhist monks of Vietnam, doused himself with gasoline and set himself aflame. LaPorte died the next day at Bellevue Hospital from second- and third-degree burns covering 95 percent of his body. Despite his burns LaPorte remained conscious and able to speak. When asked why he had burned himself LaPorte calmly replied, "I'm a Catholic Worker. I'm against war, all wars. I did this as a religious action...all the hatred of the world." At the hospital, Catholic Workers sang 'This Little Light of Mine'.