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Sakthi Kodu Vel Ayya
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Wednesday 30th of January 1889

129 years ago

Juliette Deitsch is overdosed with chloroform by sex killer Etienne Deschamps aka The Magnetic Doctor at the age of 12 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Deschamps maintained that he had powers of the occult and told a friend of his that he was close to being able to use these powers to identify the whereabouts of some lost treasure. All he needed was a 12 year old virgin. His friend Jules Deitsch agreed to allow his own 12-year-old daughter Juliette to help him. Over a period of six months the girl attended these sessions where she would be hypnotised. What in fact happened was that Deschamps would use chlorform to induce unconciousness and then sexually assault Juliette.