39th year  -  N° 202                 Saturday, 20 July 2024         Antwerpen		
Am I not Farang?

Venezia, Veneto, Italy.

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  1. Tuesday 15th of September 1254 (+) Merchant traveller Marco Polo is born
    Polo's exact date and place of birth are archivally unknown.

  2. Sunday 9th of January 1324 (-) Merchant traveller Marco Polo dies of a serious illness

  3. Sunday 23rd of February 1417 (+) 211th Pope Paulus II is born

  4. Sunday 29th of November 1643 (-) Composer Claudio Monteverdi dies of unknown causes

  5. Monday 8th of June 1671 (+) Composer Tomaso Albinoni is born

  6. Friday 4th of March 1678 (+) Composer Antonio Vivaldi is born

  7. Saturday 7th of March 1693 (+) 248th Pope Clemens XIII is born

  8. Monday 2nd of April 1725 (+) Adventurer, writer and sexual athlete Giacomo Casanova is born

  9. Sunday 17th of January 1751 (-) Composer Tomaso Albinoni dies of diabetes mellitus

  10. Thursday 17th of March 1853 (-) Mathematician and physicist Christian Doppler dies of pulmonary embolism

  11. Wednesday 29th of March 1939 (+) Actor and film director Terence Hill is born

  12. Tuesday 3rd of April 1962 (+) Serial killer Roberto Succo is born

  13. Tuesday 8th of May 1990 (-) Composer Luigi Nono dies of unknown causes

  14. Wednesday 9th of June 1999 The Eyes Had it: A chance meeting with Luisa Rabbia at the Biennale

  15. Friday 11th of June 1999 The Eyes Had it: Annemie Van Kerckhoven aka AMVK in a digital art installation at the Biennale