39th year  -  N° 202                 Saturday, 20 July 2024         Antwerpen		
In Heaven Everything is Fine

Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany.

Related events:

  1. Sunday 21st of May 1471 (+) Painter and printmaker Albrecht Dürer is born

  2. Friday 6th of April 1528 (-) Painter and printmaker Albrecht Dürer dies of unknown causes

  3. Monday 14th of February 1572 (+) Composer Hans Christoph Haiden is born

  4. Thursday 9th of February 1617 (-) Composer Hans Christoph Haiden dies of unknown causes

  5. Thursday 30th of April 1812 (+) Foundling Kaspar Hauser is born

  6. Saturday 17th of October 1829 (x) Foundling Kaspar Hauser is attacked and wounded by a hooded man who also threatened him with the words "You still have to die ere you leave the city of Nürnberg"

  7. Saturday 3rd of April 1830 (x) Foundling Kaspar Hauser is found bleeding from a wound to the right side of his head
    Hauser quickly revived and stated that he climbed on a chair to get some books, the chair fell and while trying to hold on to something he accidentally tore down a pistol hanging on the wall, causing a shot to go off.

  8. Friday 29th of March 1963 (-) Victim of Klaus Gosmann aka Der Mittagsmörder Carola Hannwacker is shot dead by Klaus Gosmann aka Der Mittagsmörder
    Carola's 23-year-old son Helmut is also shot in the same event.

  9. Tuesday 1st of June 1965 (x) Serial killer Klaus Gosmann is arrested after robbing a handbag in Kaufhaus Brenninkmeyer and killing Hermann Thieme on the run

  10. Friday 28th of July 1967 (x) Serial killer Klaus Gosmann is sentenced to life imprisonment