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Do the Splurge

Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia.

Related events:

  1. Monday 10th of January 1949 (+) Serial killer Ahmad Suradji is born

  2. Wednesday 30th of April 1997 (x) Serial killer Ahmad Suradji is arrested after bodies were discovered near his home
    Suradji's three wives, who were sisters, were also arrested for assisting in the murders and helping him hide the bodies. In all 42 decomposed bodies of young women were found buried with their heads facing his house.

  3. Monday 22nd of December 1997 (x) — Start of the trial against Serial killer Ahmad Suradji
    Suradji stood trial for the murders of 42 women whom he ‘treated’ as a sorcerer, this involved the drinking of their saliva, and strangling them while half buried.

  4. Thursday 10th of July 2008 (-) Serial killer Ahmad Suradji is executed by the firing squad
    Suradji told police that he had a dream in 1986 in which his father's ghost directed him to drink the saliva of 70 dead, young women, so that he could become a mystic healer.