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Lieber Wütend als Traurig
Newgate Prison

London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

Related events:

  1. Tuesday 24th of February 1767 (x) Murderer Patrick Redmond is executed by hanging
    After 28 minutes Redmond was declared dead. Redmond was taken down and revived after 6 hours by the use of bronchotomy.

  2. Wednesday 18th of March 1789 (-) Counterfeiter Catherine Murphy is executed by burning at the stake
    Murphy was the last woman to be officially burned at the stake. Murphy and her husband Hugh Murphy were executed along with seven other men who had been convicted of various offences. The eight men were executed by hanging. But as a woman the law provided that Murphy should be burnt at the stake. She was made to stand on a foot high 10-inch-square platform in front of the stake and secured to the stake with ropes and an iron ring. Murphy was reportedly tied with one rope around her neck after which the platform was removed from under her feet and 30 minutes passed before the fire was lit.

  3. Thursday 28th of January 1802 (-) Colonial administrator Joseph Wall is executed by hanging
    Wall was sentenced to death for a series of fatal floggings in 1782. On 10 July 1782 Sergeant Benjamin Armstrong and George Robinson each received 800 lashes and on 11 July Corporal Thomas Upton received 350 lashes, Private George Paterson 800 lashes, William Evans 800 lashes, Joseph Shaw 275 lashes and Private Henry Fawcett 47 lashes. From their wounds Corporal Upton died on the 13th, Sergeant Armstrong on the 15th, and George Paterson on 19 July. With a reward of £200 for his capture Wall had been living under an assumed name in France and Italy.

  4. Tuesday 18th of January 1803 (-) Murderer George Forster is executed by hanging
    Shortly after the execution Forster's body was taken to a nearby house where it was used in an experiment by Italian scientist Giovanni Aldini. "On the first application of the process to the face, the jaws of the deceased criminal began to quiver, and the adjoining muscles were horribly contorted, and one eye was actually opened. In the subsequent part of the process the right hand was raised and clenched, and the legs and thighs were set in motion."

  5. Saturday 28th of December 1811 (-) Highwayman John Williams commits suicide by hanging in his cell

  6. Monday 18th of May 1812 (-) Assassin John Bellingham is executed by hanging
    Bellingham's skull was preserved at St Bartholomew's Hospital Pathology Museum in London.

  7. Thursday 25th of November 1819 (-) Robber John Henley is executed by hanging

  8. Wednesday 21st of November 1821 (-) Forger Josiah Cadman is executed by hanging

  9. Tuesday 27th of November 1821 (-) Robber Andrew Ferris is executed by hanging

  10. Monday 25th of November 1822 (-) Sodomite John Holland is executed by hanging
    Holland was charged with an 'unnatural offence'.

  11. Monday 25th of November 1822 (-) Sodomite William King is executed by hanging
    King was charged with an 'unnatural offence'.

  12. Tuesday 30th of November 1824 (-) Banker and forger Henry Fauntleroy is executed by hanging

  13. Thursday 22nd of November 1827 (-) Thief John Powell is executed by hanging

  14. Thursday 22nd of November 1827 (-) Coiner Edward Lowe is executed by hanging

  15. Thursday 22nd of November 1827 (-) Highwayman Charles Smith is executed by hanging

  16. Thursday 22nd of November 1827 (-) Highwayman John Keaton is executed by hanging

  17. Monday 6th of July 1840 (-) Murderer François Courvoisier is executed by hanging
    A crowd of around 40.000 including Charles Dickens witnessed Courvoisier's execution. In January 2017 his plaster death mask was sold for £20.000 by Thomson Roddick auction house. The name of the buyer is unknown.

  18. Monday 19th of November 1860 (-) Murderer James Mullins is executed by hanging
    Many believed Mullins was innocent.

  19. Monday 14th of November 1864 (-) Murderer Franz Müller is executed by hanging
    The public hanging of Müller took place amid scenes of drunkenness and disorderly conduct by 50.000 spectators.

  20. Tuesday 21st of December 1875 (-) Murderer Henry Wainwright is executed by hanging by William Marwood
    On the scaffold Wainwright shouted: “Come to see a man die, have you, you curs?”.

  21. Tuesday 23rd of February 1875 (-) Murderers John HollowayOwen Haggerty and Elisabeth Godfrey are executed by hanging at the age of 39, 24 and 34 respectively
    In the crowd of nearly 40.000 spectators 31 were trampled to death and many more injured.

  22. Monday 6th of October 1884 (-) Cop killer Thomas Orrock is executed by hanging by John Berry

  23. Monday 6th of October 1884 (-) Murderer Thomas Harris is executed by hanging by John Berry

  24. Tuesday 23rd of December 1890 (-) Double murderess Mary Pearcey is executed by hanging

  25. Tuesday 15th of November 1892 (-) Serial killer Thomas Neill Cream is executed by hanging
    The executioner, James Billington, claimed that Cream's last words on the scaffold were "I am Jack The..." However records show that Cream was in prison at the time of the last three Ripper murders in 1888.

  26. Tuesday 19th of November 1895 (-) Murderer Richard Wingrove is executed by hanging

  27. Tuesday 9th of June 1896 (-) Murderer Albert Milsom is executed by hanging by James Billington

  28. Tuesday 9th of June 1896 (-) Murderer Henry Fowler is executed by hanging by James Billington

  29. Wednesday 10th of June 1896 (-) Baby farm murderess Amelia Dyer is executed by hanging
    Dyer was tried and hanged for one murder but there is little doubt she was responsible for many more similar deaths - possibly 400 or more - over a period of perhaps 20 years.

  30. Tuesday 6th of March 1900 (-) Baby farmer and murderess Ada Williams is executed by hanging
    Williams was the last woman to be hanged in the yard of Newgate Prison.

  31. Tuesday 9th of January 1900 (-) Murderess Louise Masset is executed by hanging
    She killed her illegitimate son Manfred on 27 October 1899. Her last words were "What I suffer is just."

  32. Tuesday 19th of November 1901 (-) Murderer Marcel Faugeron is executed by hanging by James Billington
    Billington was assisted by a new executioner Henry Pierrepoint. This was to be Henry’s first job as an assistant.