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I Wish I Could Die

Hollywood, California, United States.

Related events:

  1. Wednesday 15th of April 1908 (+) Actress Lita Grey is born

  2. Saturday 2nd of July 1932 (x) Actress and sex symbol Jean Harlow marries Paul Bern
    Two months later Bern shot himself through the head.

  3. Tuesday 8th of December 1936 (+) Actor David Carradine is born

  4. Monday 16th of May 1938 (-) Actor Jack Dougherty commits suicide carbon monoxide poisoning

  5. Sunday 7th of November 1943 (-) Actor Dwight Frye dies of a heart attack
    Frye was returning by bus from a cinema with his son and died as the ambulance was taking him to hospital.

  6. Monday 25th of January 1943 (-) Actor Spencer Charters commits suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning combined with sleeping tablets

  7. Friday 28th of December 1945 (-) Naturalist writer Theodore Dreiser dies of unknown causes

  8. Wednesday 19th of December 1945 (-) Stunt actress Mary Wiggins commits suicide by a shot through the head

  9. Tuesday 12th of March 1946 (+) Actress and singer Liza Minnelli is born

  10. Wednesday 1st of September 1948 (x) Actor Robert Mitchum and actress Lila Leeds are arrested for possession of marijuana
    After serving a week at the county jail Mitchum spent 43 days (from 16 February to 30 March 1949) at a Castaic California prison farm.

  11. Wednesday 7th of August 1957 (-) Actor Oliver Hardy dies of cerebral thrombosis

  12. Wednesday 29th of May 1957 (-) Film director James Whale commits suicide by drowning in his swimming pool
    The future is just old age and illness and pain. Goodbye and thank you for all your love. I must have peace and this is the only way.

  13. Wednesday 21st of January 1959 (-) Film director Cecil Blount DeMille dies of heart failure
    On the evening before DeMille's doctor paid him a visit at home and seeing how weak the director was advised that he go to the hospital at once. DeMille merely replied "No, I think I'll go to the morgue instead."

  14. Monday 23rd of March 1964 (-) Actor Peter Lorre dies of a stroke

  15. Wednesday 8th of September 1965 (-) Actress, singer and dancer Dorothy Dandridge dies of an accidental overdose of the tricyclic antidepressant Imipramine
    The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office came to a different conclusion: “Miss Dandridge died of a rare embolism—blockage of the blood passages at the lungs and brain by tiny pieces of fat flaking off from bone marrow in a fractured right foot she sustained in a Hollywood gymnasium five days before she died.”

  16. Monday 22nd of December 1969 (-) Film director Josef von Sternberg dies of a heart attack

  17. Monday 7th of August 1972 (-) Actor and murderer Tom Neal dies of heart failure

  18. Sunday 10th of December 1978 (-) Cult film director Ed Wood dies of a heart attack

  19. Monday 29th of December 1980 (-) Musician Tim Hardin dies of a heroin overdose

  20. Thursday 20th of March 1980 (-) Victim of William Bonin aka The Freeway Killer Harry Turner is sodomised, beaten and strangled by William Bonin aka The Freeway Killer
    Bonin was assisted by 17-year-old William Ray Pugh who bludgeoned and beat Turner about the head and body for several minutes.

  21. Thursday 26th of April 1984 (-) Musician and bandleader Count Basie dies of pancreatic cancer

  22. Monday 11th of February 1985 (-) Film director Henry Hathaway dies of a heart attack

  23. Friday 22nd of May 1992 (x) Television host Johnny Carson presents his last show on NBC
    For the last time America heard "Heeeeeeere's Johnny!".

  24. Thursday 30th of October 1997 (-) Film director Samuel Fuller dies of natural causes

  25. Wednesday 5th of June 2002 (-) Musician Dee Dee Ramone dies of a heroin overdose