39th year  -  N° 200                 Thursday, 18 July 2024         Antwerpen		

Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark.

Related events:

  1. Wednesday 5th of May 1813 (+) Philosopher, theologian and social critic Søren Kierkegaard is born

  2. Wednesday 7th of October 1885 (+) Physicist Niels Bohr is born

  3. Sunday 3rd of February 1889 (+) Film director Carl Theodor Dreyer is born
    Dreyer was born illegitimate. His birth mother was an unmarried Scanian maid named Josefine Bernhardine Nilsson and he was put up for adoption by his birth father Jens Christian Torp, a married Danish farmer living in Sweden who was his mother's employer.

  4. Tuesday 4th of February 1908 (+) Model and actress Gwili Andre is born

  5. Saturday 26th of March 1927 (+) Cop killer Palle Sørensen is born

  6. Saturday 18th of September 1965 (x) Cop killer Palle Sørensen kills four police officers while escaping in a stolen car from a burglary
    Sørensen was captured three days later.

  7. Friday 18th of March 1966 (x) Cop killer Palle Sørensen is sentenced to life imprisonment

  8. Wednesday 20th of March 1968 (-) Film director Carl Theodor Dreyer dies of pneumonia