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It's Just Blood, Blood on the Floor

Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Related events:

  1. Monday 20th of May 1793 (+) Professor of chemistry and geology and murderer John White Webster is born

  2. Friday 30th of November 1810 (+) Weapon designer Oliver Winchester is born

  3. Friday 10th of March 1876 (x) Scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful telephone call to his assistant Thomas Watson at the receiving end in an adjoining room using a liquid transmitter
    Bell said "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you."

  4. Saturday 16th of April 1881 (-) Murderer Alan Adams is executed by hanging

  5. Thursday 19th of October 1893 (-) Abolitionist and suffragette Lucy Stone dies of stomach cancer

  6. Saturday 9th of July 1927 (+) Actress Susan Cabot is born

  7. Thursday 26th of March 1931 (+) Actor Leonard Nimoy is born

  8. Saturday 28th of March 1942 (+) Philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett is born

  9. Tuesday 11th of January 1944 (+) Victim of Albert Desalvo aka The Boston Strangler Mary Sullivan is born

  10. Thursday 11th of April 1946 (+) Performance and installation artist Chris Burden is born

  11. Friday 31st of December 1948 (+) Singer-songwriter Donna Summer is born

  12. Thursday 2nd of September 1948 (+) Teacher and astronaut Christa McAuliffe is born

  13. Saturday 5th of December 1953 (x) Serial killer Albert DeSalvo marries Irmgard Beck

  14. Wednesday 5th of January 1955 (x) Serial killer Albert DeSalvo is arrested for molesting a 9-year-old girl

  15. Thursday 17th of March 1960 (x) Serial killer Albert DeSalvo is arrested as 'The Measuring Man'

  16. Monday 18th of February 1963 (x) Victim of Albert Desalvo aka The Boston Strangler Gertrude Gruen is attacked and raped by Albert DeSalvo aka The Boston Strangler aka The Measuring Man aka The Green Man
    Gruen survived.

  17. Tuesday 27th of October 1964 (x) — An unidentified girl is raped and abused by Serial killer Albert DeSalvo

  18. Thursday 5th of November 1964 (x) Serial killer Albert DeSalvo is arrested

  19. Sunday 6th of July 1969 (-) Architect Walter Gropius dies of an inflammation of the glands

  20. Wednesday 29th of April 1970 (+) Actress Uma Thurman is born

  21. Sunday 3rd of June 2001 (-) Actor Anthony Quinn dies of pneumonia and repiratory failure

  22. Friday 19th of July 2013 (x) — Suffolk County DA Daniel F. Conley, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis announced the DNA test results proving that Serial killer Albert DeSalvo was the source of seminal fluid recovered at the scene of 19-year-old Mary Sullivan's 1964 murder