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Out in the Real World

Beverly Hills, California, United States.

Related events:

  1. Sunday 31st of March 1935 (+) Actor Richard Chamberlain is born

  2. Sunday 28th of March 1943 (-) Romantic composer Sergei Rachmaninoff dies of melanoma

  3. Sunday 26th of August 1945 (-) Poet and writer Franz Werfel dies of a heart attack

  4. Friday 20th of June 1947 (-) Mobster Bugsy Siegel is riddled with bullets by persons unknown
    Although descriptions said that Siegel was shot in the eye, he was actually hit twice on the right side of his head. The death scene and postmortem photographs show that one shot penetrated his right cheek and exited through the left side of his neck; the other struck the right bridge of his nose where it met the right eye socket. The pressure created by the bullet passing through Siegel's skull blew his left eye out of its socket. Siegel was hit by several other bullets including shots through his lungs.

  5. Tuesday 14th of August 1951 (-) Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst dies of unknown causes

  6. Tuesday 3rd of March 1959 (-) Actor and comedian Lou Costello dies of a heart attack

  7. Saturday 10th of June 1967 (-) Actor Spencer Tracy dies of a heart attack
    Katharine Hepburn described in her autobiography how she followed Tracy to the kitchen: "Just as I was about to give the door a push, there was a sound of a cup smashing to the floor - then clump - a loud clump."

  8. Monday 2nd of August 1976 (-) Film director Fritz Lang dies of a stroke

  9. Monday 12th of February 1979 (-) Film director Jean Renoir dies of a heart attack

  10. Wednesday 14th of June 1989 (x) Actress Zsa Zsa Gábor is arrested for slapping motorcycle police agent Paul Kramer in the face when he stopped her for a traffic violation at 8551 Olympic Boulevard
    Gabor was later sentenced to 72 hours in jail.

  11. Wednesday 16th of May 1990 (-) Actor, singer and entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. dies of throat cancer
    Davis often smoked four packs of cigarettes a day as an adult. When told that laryngectomy offered him the best chance of survival Davis replied he would rather keep his voice than have a part of his throat removed; he subsequently was treated with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. His entire larynx however was ultimately removed during surgery in March 1990.

  12. Monday 25th of December 1995 (-) Singer and actor Dean Martin dies of acute respiratory failure resulting from emphysema

  13. Thursday 23rd of November 1995 (-) Film director Louis Malle dies of lymphoma

  14. Friday 2nd of February 1996 (-) Dancer, actor, singer, film director and choreographer Gene Kelly dies of a stroke

  15. Saturday 9th of March 1996 (-) Comedian, actor and singer George Burns dies of cardiac arrest

  16. Wednesday 2nd of July 1997 (-) Actor James Stewart dies of pulmonary embolism

  17. Monday 18th of November 2002 (-) Actor James Coburn dies of cardiac arrest

  18. Wednesday 27th of March 2002 (-) Filmmaker Billy Wilder dies of pneumonia

  19. Wednesday 14th of May 2003 (-) Actor Robert Stack dies of a heart attack

  20. Friday 19th of November 2004 (-) Musician and record producer Terry Melcher dies of melanoma

  21. Thursday 10th of June 2004 (-) Singer-songwriter and composer Ray Charles dies of acute liver disease

  22. Tuesday 5th of August 2008 (-) Actor and political activist Charlton Heston dies of pneumonia

  23. Wednesday 5th of February 2020 (-) Actor Kirk Douglas dies of natural causes