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Attica Prison

Attica, New York, United States.

Related events:

  1. Monday 13th of September 1971 (x) — After 4 days of riots Businessman, philanthropist, public servant and politician Nelson Rockefeller orders New York State Police troopers and former prison officers to drop tear gas and retake the prison
    The troopers opened fire non-stop for two minutes into the smoke. By the time the facility was retaken, nine hostages and 29 inmates had been killed.

  2. Tuesday 10th of July 1979 (x) Serial killer David Berkowitz is attacked with a razor, almost cutting his throat, by an unidentified fellow-inmate
    Berkowitz refused to identify the person(s) who had attacked him with a knife but suggested that the act was directed by the cult he once belonged to. He bears a permanent scar from the wound that took 56 stitches to close.