39th year  -  N° 203                 Sunday, 21 July 2024         Antwerpen		
The Eyes Have it

Leuvenstraat 32, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium.

Related events:

  1. Saturday 26th of June 1999 The Eyes Had it: Visitors at the opening of 'Nursing Care, in Melancholy Stupor' by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven aka AMVK

  2. Friday 25th of June 1999 The Eyes Had it: AMVK at the opening of her Nursing Care, in Melancholy Stupor exhibition

  3. Saturday 20th of December 2003 (x) Performance artist Danny Devos performs 'Trop = Teveel' outside the entrance
    ‘Once Upon a Time..., a look at art in Belgium in the Nineties’, was an exhibition of the collection of contemporary Belgian art which the Cera Foundation was able to put together during 5 years of patronage. - I pulled a bag over my head and tied up my feet and hands. I fell forward and lay on the ground. - Cera Holding is a financial group. The contemporary art collection was predominantly bought by Paul Tanghe, Luk Lambrecht and Bart De Baere, current director of the M_hka. - After half an hour I was untied by Mauro Pawlowski.

  4. Sunday 27th of February 2005 The Eyes Had it: Dorothea Olkowski's impressive high heels during her lecture at AMVK's 'HeadNurse' booklaunch

  5. Thursday 10th of April 2008 (x) Performance artist Danny Devos performs 'Aktion im ReforMuhka'
    I spread out a sheet on the floor and threw pamphlets at the audience. On a small tv-monitor played an excerpt of a documentary on Holger Meins. I placed objects and books onto the canvas and the canvas turned into a prison cell. Then I took out several ingredients for baking: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and also some earth from my Hole. I mixed everything into dough and baked 2 classic sand-cookies. I undressed to my underwear and force-fed myself violently to eat the cookies.

  6. Thursday 20th of January 2011 (x) Performance artist Danny Devos performs 'Dort oder Hier / Hommage aan Bernd Lohaus'
    During a memorial event for artist Bernd Lohaus I reconstructed one of his works. I blocked the doorway between the cafetaria, where the event took place, and the museum with strips of tape. Nobody could pass through without destroying the work. On the floor I wrote: "Dort (das Museum) | Hier (die Kunstler) Warum? Bernd, der Kampf geht weiter."