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The Girl Can't Help it

the Irish Republican Army

  • 21 July 1972 (x) 11 Die and over 130 are wounded in 26 simultaneous bomb-attacks by the the Irish Republican Army in Belfast, United Kingdom.

  • 26 April 1974 (x) 19 Old Masters including a Goya, a Vermeer and a Gainsborough are stolen from the house of millionaire Sir Alfred Beit by the Irish Republican Army in Blessington, Ireland.

  • 21 November 1974 (x) 21 die and 182 are injured in two bomb-attacks by the Irish Republican Army on the Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town in the city centre and Barclays Bank in Edgbaston in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • 10 May 1987 (x) Eight members of the Irish Republican Army East Tyrone Brigade are killed in an ambush by the British Army's Special Air Service in Loughgall, United Kingdom.

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