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Male Barracks
Writer of mystery and the macabre
Edgar Allan Poe

  • 19 January 1809 (+) is born in Boston, United States.

  • 27 May 1827 (x) enlists in the US Army as private Edgar A. Perry in Boston, United States.

  • 15 April 1829 (x) is discharged from the US Army in Charleston, United States.

  • 16 May 1836 (x) marries Virginia Eliza Clemm in Richmond, United States.

  • 29 January 1845 (x) The Evening Mirror first publishes 'The Raven' by Poe in Philadelphia, United States.

  • 1 July 1849 (x) becomes drunk and hallucinatory, and makes a suicide attempt. He is detained for public drunkenness and incarcerated for one night in Philadelphia, United States.

  • 3 October 1849 (x) is found on the streets of Baltimore by Joseph W. Walker, delirious and "in great distress, and... in need of immediate assistance" in Baltimore, United States.

  • 7 October 1849 (-) dies of alcohol poisoning in Baltimore, United States.

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