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Little Green Moments
Serial killer, rapist, arsonist and burglar
Carl Panzram
aka A Journal of Murder

  • 28 June 1891 (+) is born in East Grand Forks, United States.

  • 2 July 1905 (x) sets fire to the blacksmith shop and a warehouse in Red Wing, United States.

  • 7 July 1905 (x) burns down a warehouse ‘for thrills’ in St. Paul, United States.

  • 20 April 1908 (x) is court-martialed for stealing government-property and is sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in Fort Leavenworth, United States.

  • 26 May 1916 (x) sets fire to the prison’s flax mill and workshops in Salem, United States.

  • 18 July 1922 (-) beaten to death with a rock Henry McMahon in Salem, United States.

  • 16 June 1923 (x) An unidentified man is murdered ‘for the fun it gave me’ by Panzram in Kingston, United States.

  • 7 August 1925 (x) has one testicle removed for medical reasons in Dannemora, United States.

  • 16 August 1928 (x) is arrested in Washington, United States.

  • 20 June 1929 (-) beaten to death Robert Warnke in Leavenworth, United States.

  • 20 June 1930 (x) tries to commit suicide by eating a plate of poisonous-rottened beans and cutting an artery in his leg in Leavenworth, United States.

  • 5 September 1930 (-) is executed by hanging in Leavenworth, United States.

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