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Out in the Real World
Mass murderer
Freddy André Horion
aka De Zonnebril

  • 21 September 1947 (+) is born in Gent, Belgium.

  • 9 February 1979 (-) robbed and shot dead Hélène Lichachevski in Gent, Belgium.

  • 24 June 1979 (x) The Steyaert family is robbed and killed by Horion and Roland Feneulle in Gent, Belgium.

  • 12 October 1980 (x) tries to escape from prison by use of a replica handgun made out of breadcrumb in Gent, Belgium.

  • 18 December 1980 (x) and Roland Feneulle are convicted to death in Gent, Belgium.

  • 1 May 1982 (x) escapes with cellmate Albertus Hartman from prison in Leuven, Belgium.

  • 12 February 1994 (x) tries to escape through a hole in the wall of his cell in Leuven, Belgium.

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