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Am I not Farang?
Serial killer
Juan Vallejo Corona
aka The Machete Murderer

  • 24 October 1953 (x) marries Gabriella E. Hermosillo in Reno, United States.

  • 17 January 1956 (x) is committed an asylum, diagnosed with schizophrenia and paranoia in Auburn, United States.

  • 19 May 1971 (x) The fresh corpse of 40-year-old Kenneth Whitacre is found on the ranch of Corona in Yuba City, United States.

  • 26 May 1971 (x) is arrested and charged with the murders of 25 migrant farm workers in Yuba City, United States.

  • 18 June 1971 (x) suffers a mild heart attack in his prison cell in Yuba City, United States.

  • 12 July 1971 (x) is indicted with a 25 murder count in Yuba City, United States.

  • 11 September 1972 (x) Start of the trial against Corona in Fairfield, United States.

  • 18 January 1973 (x) is sentenced to 25 terms of life imprisonment for 25 counts of first degree murder in Fairfield, United States.

  • 6 December 1973 (x) is stabbed 32 times in his cell for bumping into a fellow inmate in Vaccaville, United States.

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