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Are Friends Electric?
Serial killer groupie
Veronica Ver Lyn Compton

  • 16 September 1980 (x) tries to strangle 26-year-old Kim Breed in an attempt to make a cover-up for serial killer Kenneth Alessio Bianchi aka The Hillside Strangler in Bellingham, United States.

  • 3 October 1980 (x) is arrested in Los Angeles, United States.

  • 27 July 1988 (x) escapes by using bolt cutters to cut through the fences of the medium-security facility in Gig Harbor, United States.

  • 27 August 1989 (x) marries 60-year-old James P. Wallace, a retired Eastern Washington University (EWU) professor in Gig Harbor, United States.

  • 14 March 1996 (x) is released on parole in Gig Harbor, United States.