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Der Höllensturz der Verdammten
Geisha, prostitute, actress and murderess
Sada Abe

  • 28 May 1905 (+) is born in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 18 May 1936 (x) strangles her lover Kichizo Ishida and cuts off his penis and testicles in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 20 May 1936 (x) is arrested walking around the street with the cut off penis and testicles of her lover Kichizo Ishida in her handbag in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 25 November 1936 (x) Start of the trial against Abe in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 21 December 1936 (x) is convicted of murder in the second degree and mutilation of a corpse in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 17 May 1941 (x) is released from prison on the occasion of the 2.600th anniversary celebrations of the mythical founding of Japan in Tochigi, Japan.

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