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Out in the Real World
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Wednesday 8th of January 1975

46 years ago

Maria Fasching is stabbed to death by serial killer Joseph Kallinger aka The Shoemaker at the age of 21 in 124 Glenwood Avenue, Leonia, New Jersey, United States.

Kallinger had entered the house with his son Mike and tied up 26-year-old Edwina Dee Dee Wiseman, her 4-year-old son Robert, her 90-year-old grandmother Blanche Smith, 21-year-old Randi Romaine, her mother Mrs DeWitt Romaine, her twin sister Retta and Retta's boyfriend Jeffrey Welby to ransack the house and assault the women. Fasching passed by later and refused to cooperate so Kallinger stabbed her in the back and breast.