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Saturday 8th of December 1973

51 years ago

Bar owner Betty Satlow dies of carbon monoxide poisoning in Hoquiam, Washington, United States.

After the autopsy Satlow’s body was taken to the Coleman Funeral Home where she was embalmed. On the next evening the Satlow family and their friends gathered at Coleman’s to conduct Catholic Rosary services over her body. After the services the funeral director closed and sealed the lower half of the casket before going home for the night. Around 1:00 a.m., a tenant living in an apartment above the chapel woke up smelling smoke and called the fire department. When the firemen arrived, they entered the chapel and found that Satlow’s coffin was at the center of a tremendously hot fire. Once they put the flames out they examined the metal coffin which seemed to have acted like an oven. They found that Satlow’s upper body was reduced to ashes and a few bone fragments. Her lower body was more or less intact below the hips.