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Tuesday 6th of September 1949

69 years ago He'd Have Killed a Thousand

28-year-old spree killer Howard Unruh aka The Walker of Death shoots thirteen people to death in twelve minutes in Camden, New Jersey, United States.

Unruh returned to his apartment and engaged in a standoff. Over 60 police surrounded his home and a shootout ensued, in which he surrendered. The victims were 27-year old John Joseph Pilarchik, 6-year-old Orris Martin Smith, 33-year-old Clark Hoover, 45-year-old James Hutton, 38-year-old Rose Cohen, 63-year-old Minnie Cohen, 39-year-old Maurice J. Cohen, 24-year-old Alvin Day, 2-year-old Thomas Hamilton, 28-year-old Helga Kautzach Zegrino, 37-year-old Helen Wilson, 68-year-old Emma Matlack and 9-year-old John Wilson. Unruh's last public words, made during an interview with a psychologist, were "I'd have killed a thousand if I had enough bullets."