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Tuesday 6th of October 1981

43 years ago

3rd President of Egypt Anwar Sadat born as Muḥammad Anwar as-Sādāt is shot dead during a military parade by a terrorist commando from the Islamic Group led by Lieutenant Khalid Islambouli at the age of 63 in Caïro, Al Qahirah, Egypt.

Sadat and ten others were killed outright or suffered fatal wounds, including Major General Hassan Allam, general from the Omani delegation Khalfan Nasser Mohammed, Eng. Samir Helmy Ibrahim, Al Anba' Samuel, presidential photographer Mohammed Yousuf Rashwan, Saeed Abdel Raouf Bakr, Chinese engineer Zhang Baoyu, as well as the Cuban ambassador to Egypt and a Coptic Orthodox bishop. Twenty-eight were wounded, including Vice President Hosni Mubarak, Irish Defence Minister James Tully and four US military liaison officers.