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Saturday 5th of September 1970

51 years ago He Ate Her Undigested Cereals

31-year-old mass murderer Dale Nelson kills Shirley Wasyk, her children 7-year-old Tracey, 8-year-old Sharlene, Ray Phibbs, Isabelle St. Amand and their children 10-year-old Paul, 8-year-old Cathy, 7-year-old Brian and 18-month-old Roy with a fire extinguisher, a knife, a hammer and a 7mm Mauser 98k Bolt-action rifle following a drinking binge and possible use of LSD in Creston, British Columbia, Canada.

Nelson was located late in the afternoon the next day in a shack in the woods near his home and surrendered to police without incident. Nelson had taken the bodies of Cathy to sodomise her and Tracey to tear out her organs and partly eat them with undigested cereals from her stomach in the woods.