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Wednesday 5th of May 1999

22 years ago It Was Time to Go

Double murderer Robert Wayne Vickers aka Bonzai Bob is executed by lethal injection at the age of 41 in Arizona State Prison Complex, 1305 E Butte Avenue, Florence, Arizona, United States.

On 4 March 1982 Vickers, already on death row for killing fellow inmate Frank Ponciano in 1978, doused fellow inmate Wilmar 'Buster' Holsinger and his cell with some Vitalis he had been saving and then threw burning toilet paper on Holsinger, setting him ablaze. Holsinger died as a result of tracheobronchial bums suffered in the resulting flash fire. Vickers' last meal request was for Green Chili Burros burritos with barbecued steak, french fries and ketchup, vanilla ice cream, cream soda, cigarette. Vickers' last words were "time to go."