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All Along the Watchtower
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Monday 30th of June 1997

23 years ago He Took Her to Buy an Axe

17-year-old mass murderer Joshua Jenkins aka The Teenage Annihilator is sentenced to 112 years to life for killing his adoptive parents George and Alene, grandparents William and Evelyn Grossman and 10-year-old sister Megan on 2/3 February 1996 during a visit to the grandparent's condominium in San Diego, California, United States.

After an argument with his mother about sending him to a boarding school Jenkins bludgeoned his parents and grandparents to death with a hammer. Inexplicably, somehow he kept Megan from discovering the carnage. The next morning Jenkins took her with him to buy an axe which he used to kill her once they returned to the condo.