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Paradise Lost
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Sunday 3rd of November 1935

89 years ago Their Mangled Remains Were Visited by Thousands

Serial bomber Hugh F. 'Idzy' Rutkowski aka The Mad Bomber of Milwaukee dies in a massive bomb explosion at the age of 21 in 2121 W. Mitchell Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

The force of the explosion was so great that a large section of the garage roof was blown over the alley and two whole houses before landing in Mitchell Street. Rutkowski's 16-year-old accomplice Paul 'Shrimp' Chevanek also died in the explosion. At 2117-B Mitchell Street 9-year-old Patricia Mylnarek was killed by the impact of the explosion. The mangled remains of the two bombers were put on display at the county morgue and according the Journal, were “visited by thousands.” The bits and pieces of Rutkowski and Chevanek that could be collected had to be buried in the same coffin because there was no way to tell them apart.