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Monday 28th of December 1987

35 years ago

47-year-old mass murderer Ronald Gene Simmons drives into town and shoots several people in different offices before surrendering without resistance to the police in Russelville, Arkansas, United States.

Simmons walked into a law office and killed 24-year-old receptionist Kathy Kendrick; he had been infatuated with her, but she had rejected him. He next went to an oil company office where he shot dead 33-year-old J.D. Chaffin and wounded owner Rusty Taylor. Simmons then drove on to a convenience store where he had previously worked, shooting and wounding two more people. Afterwards he went to the office of the Woodline Motor Freight Company where he shot and wounded a woman. Simmons then simply sat in the office and chatted with one of the secretaries while waiting for the police. In the week before Simmons killed 14 members of his family in two events.