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Die Kleinen und die Bösen
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Saturday 27th of September 1980

40 years ago

21-year-old performance artist Danny Devos aka DDV performs 'This Week I Was Beaten Up - 1' and 'Eternity Forever - 1' with The Simpletones in Willem II Fabriek, Boschdijkstraat, Den Bosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

While the Simpletones played their music I laid out lines of gunpowder on the floor and on the wall I wrote: “This week I was beaten up for love”. Then I stood on a tottering heap of bricks tied with ropes on my hands and neck. The gunpowder was ignited.

While the Simpletones played their music fast I pulled a heavy stone across the floor drawing an eternity-sign. After 20 minutes someone threw a glass of beer over a power-supply and we were cut off.