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Down, Down, Deeper and Down
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Thursday 27th of October 1983

35 years ago

44-year-old serial killer Robert Hansen aka The Aviation Hunter is arrested in Hansen's Bakery, Ninth and Ingra, Anchorage, Alaska, United States.

Whilst Hansen was being interviewed a team of officers was searching his house. Behind wooden panelling in his trophy room police found items of cheap jewellery that was later traced back to the dead girls. Police also found a Ruger Mini-14 hunting rifle hidden under floorboards, which was later matched by ballistics as being the weapon that had killed Sherry Morrow and Paula Goulding. The most telling item found was an aviation map of the Anchorage region which was dotted with 20 drawn on asterisks. Two of these corresponded with sites where bodies had been found and a third indicated the spot where the body of 24-year-old prostitute Joanne Messina was found in July 1980.