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Sunday 27th of October 1935

89 years ago He Hit the Bank Twice

Bomb attack by 21-year-old serial bomber Hugh Rutkowski aka The Mad Bomber of Milwaukee against the rear wall of the Citizens branch in First Wisconsin National Bank, 3602 W. Villard Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

Rutkowski's bomb weakened the building's foundation and sprayed glass over the surrounding homes. Using his stolen car that was made up to look like a police vehicle Rutkowski then sped away to the site of his next target. Less than 30 minutes later another bomb exploded, this time at the East Side branch of the First Wisconsin National Bank at the corner of N. Farwell and E. North Avenue. The dynamite had been placed on the ground at the rear of the building, so much of the force of the explosion went outward, wrecking near-by parked cars.