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Monday 27th of July 1970

54 years ago He Ruled in Privacy

Dictator and Prime Minister of Portugal António de Oliveira Salazar dies of kidney failure at the age of 81 in Lisboa, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal.

In 1968 Salazar suffered a brain hemorrhage and lapsed into a coma. Most sources maintain that it occurred when he fell from a chair in his summer house. In February 2009 though there were anonymous witnesses who admitted after some investigation into Salazar's best-kept secrets that he had fallen in a bath instead of from a chair. As he was expected to die shortly after his fall, President Américo Tomás replaced him with Marcello Caetano. Despite the injury Salazar lived for a further two years. When he unexpectedly recovered lucidity his intimates did not tell him he had been removed from power, instead allowing him to 'rule' in privacy until his death.