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The Lady in Red
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Wednesday 25th of November 1970

51 years ago

Poet, writer and actor Yukio Mishima born as Kimitake Hiraoka commits suicide by Seppuku at the age of 45 in Eastern Command of Japan's Self-Defense Forces Headquarters, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Kantō, Japan.

The act was to end in Mishima's ritual decapitation by Tatenokai member Masakatsu Morita. Morita, who was rumored to have been Mishima's lover, was unable to perform the decapitation properly: after several failed attempts, he allowed another Tatenokai member, Hiroyasu Koga, to finish the job. After Mishima was decapitated, Morita also attempted to commit Seppuku and was beheaded by Koga.