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Thursday 24th of October 1996

23 years ago

Olga Galtseva is abducted, sexually assaulted and tortured by serial killer, child rapist and cannibal Alexander Spesivtsev aka The Siberian Tiger at the age of 15 in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia.

Galtseva was forced to eat soup made out of her friend. She died a day after being discovered. Also found were the mutilated bodies of 13-year-old Yevgenia Barashkina and 13-year-old Anastasia Burnayeva who had been missing for over a month. In all, the clothing, shoes and personal possessions of over 80 children were found in Spesivtsev's apartment. His mother Ludmila lured some of the children into their apartment under different pretenses and helped with the disposal of the remains of the victims.