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Thursday 24th of November 1740

282 years ago He Had no Recollection of the Hanging

Rapist and murderer William Duell is executed by hanging at the age of 17 in Tyburn Tree, Tyburn, London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

Duell's body hung for about 20 minutes before being cut down. It was then brought to the Surgeon's Hall to be anatomized for a medical training college, a common practice at the time. Duell was stripped and laid on the board about to be dissected when one of the servants noticed that he had begun breathing slowly. Duell's breath got quicker and quicker; he was then bled, and in two hours, he was able to sit upright. That night, he was taken back to Newgate Prison. Duell, suffering from a fever and delirium during his trial and execution, had no recollection of the hanging. Along Duell four other criminals were hanged: Thomas Clock, William Meers, Margery Stanton and Eleanor Munoman who all had been convicted of several burglaries and felonies.