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Down, Down, Deeper and Down
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Monday 24th of April 1922

98 years ago He Bent His Knees Three Times

Presumed murderer Colin Campbell Ross aka the Gun Alley Murderer is executed by hanging at the age of 30 in Melbourne Gaol, Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Ross was executed in a particularly gruesome manner. Authorities had decided to experiment with a four-stranded rope rather than the usual three-stranded European hemp. The four-stranded rope did not run freely through the noose and Ross did not die immediately because his spinal cord was fractured, not severed. Although his windpipe was torn and obstructed by his destroyed larynx the condemned man continued with rasping breaths and convulsed on the rope. Three times Ross bent his knees and flexed his arms before succumbing, slowly strangled to death by asphyxiation.