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Wednesday 20th of August 1986

35 years ago He Was the First to Go Postal

Mass murderer Patrick Henry Sherrill commits suicide by a shot in the head at the age of 45 in United States Post Office, 200 N Broadway, Edmond, Oklahoma, United States.

The day before supervisors Esser and Bland verbally disciplined Sherrill for his behavior. Shortly after 7 a.m. Sherrill entered the building with two M1911 semi-automatic pistols and a Ruger semi-automatic pistol and shot twenty-two co-workers, killing fourteen. The dead were 41-year-old part-time clerk Patricia Ann Chambers, 41-year-old part-time clerk Judy Stephens Denney, 38-year-old supervisor Richard C. Esser, 47-year-old clerk Patricia A. Gabbard, 30-year-old clerk Jonna Gragert Hamilton, 48-year-old supervisor Patty Jean Husband, 34-year-old clerk Betty Ann Jarred, 30-year-old rural carrier William F. Miller, 49-year-old rural carrier Kenneth W. Morey, 42-year-old rural carrier Leroy Orrin Phillips, 51-year-old rural carrier Jerry Ralph Pyle, 33-year-old letter carrier Paul Michael Rockne, 31-year-old part-time clerk Thomas Wade Shader and 27-year-old clerk Patti Lou WelchSherrill's attack inspired the American phrase 'going postal'.