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Friday 17th of May 1974

46 years ago They Were Six to 400

Six members of the Symbionese Liberation Army are killed in a shootout more than 400 LAPD officers under the command of Captain Mervin King, along with the FBILos Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD)California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) in 1466 East 54th Street, Alameda, Los Angeles, California, United States.

The SLA dead were: Nancy Ling Perry aka Fahizah, Angela Atwood aka General Gelina, Camilla Hall aka GabiWillie Wolfe aka KahjohDonald DeFreeze aka Cinque and Patricia Soltysik aka Mizmoon. All of the bodies but one were found huddled in a crawl space under the house which had burned down around them.