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Wednesday 16th of October 1946

73 years ago He Hanged Those Ten Nazis

Nazi leaders 53-year-old Joachim Von Ribbentrop, 64-year-old Wilhelm Keitel, 45-year-old Ernst Kaltenbrunner, 53-year-old Alfred Rosenberg, 69-year-old Wilhelm Frick, 47-year-old Hans Frank, 61-year-old Julius Streicher, 52-year-old Fritz Sauckel, 54-year-old Alfred Jodl and 54-year-old Arthur Seiss-Inquart are executed by hanging for crimes against humanity by 35-year-old executioner John Woods in Zellengefängnis Nürnberg, Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany.

Woods may have miscalculated the lengths for the ropes used for the executions such that some of the men did not die quickly of an intended broken neck but instead strangled to death slowly. Additionally the trapdoor was too small such that several of the condemned suffered bleeding head injuries when they hit the sides of the trapdoor while dropping through.

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