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Wednesday 16th of December 1970

54 years ago His Father Played the Organ while He Nailed His Mother to the Wall

16-year-old multiple murderer Frank Alexander is found beating his 39-year-old mother Dagmar and his 18-year-old and 15-year-old sisters Marina and Petra to death in Flat 1d, 37 Calle Jesús Nazareno, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.

Alexander had also been tearing out their hearts and cutting away their sex organs and nailing them to the walls of the flat while his father Harald played the organ in a presumer 'Lorberbewegung' ritual. Petra's twin sister Sabina managed to escape. In the subsequent trial the young Alexander stated "I saw that mom was looking at me, I felt I was not allowed that she looked at me that way."