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Is it My Body? Someone I Might Be?
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Sunday 14th of October 1979

42 years ago

Christie Hayes is abducted and attacked by serial killer Robert Hansen aka The Aviation Hunter in The Embers, 137 West 5th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska, United States.

Hayes got into Hansen's camper on an agreement to perform oral sex. Hansen pulled a gun and forced Hayes to strip, then bound her with a snare wire. Fearing for her life Hayes began to scream. Worried that someone would hear the screams and call the police Hansen drove out to the wilderness. As he maneuvered the pickup through the streets of Anchorage to get to Glenn Highway Hayes managed to squirm out of her bonds and was pounding on the camper walls. Hansen slammed on the brakes and got out and ran around to the back of the camper but he couldn’t get in because Hayes had locked the camper door. She then crawled through the sliding glass window between the camper and the cab and locked the cab doors as well. 
Hansen stuck his arm through the partway rolled down driver's window to pull up the lock. Hayes then cranked the window up, trapping Hansen's arm.
 Enraged, Hansen freed his arm by breaking the window and yanked naked Hayes out of the cab and threw her on the ground.
 After getting thrown naked to the ground Hayes bounced back up to her feet and ran down the street. And despite being barefoot Hansen couldn’t catch her and gave up after a couple of blocks.