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Monday 13th of January 1975

46 years ago

Lesley Whittle is kidnapped and killed by multiple murderer Donald Neilson aka The Black Panther at the age of 18 in Beech Croft, Bridgnorth Road, Highley, Shropshire, United Kingdom.

Neilson then drove Whittle to Bathpool Park in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire. There he forced her down into the drainage shaft of the nearby reservoir. Inside the shaft he placed a hood over her head, removed the dressing gown leaving her naked and then tethered her to the side of the shaft by a wire noose. There was a mattress and a sleeping bag. On 6 March 1975 police found Whittle's body hanging from a steel wire only 180mm from the bottom of the 6m deep shaft.